Vive la France! Today

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Giulia walking along in the South of France Happy 14. Juillet!

Giulia walking along in the South of France Happy 14. Juillet!

Today is July 14. or Quatorze Juillet! the National Holiday in France. And as I am following the Tour de France on TV in the morning, this is a special day. Exciting, full of surprises.


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The fireworks, the celebrations, yes, also the exciting changes in Le Tour de France this year. Young talent is racing ahead, challenging the lead of Chris Froome, hope to see more young faces such as Warren Barguil win stages.

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Yesterday, the upset of Chris Froome, loosing the Yellow Jersey of the Leader, but more so the stunning win of Fabien Bardet. Today French rider Warren Barguil won. I feel very French today.

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge! The French Flag. So, I decided to post this photo of Giulia, walking along in a narrow street of a small town, in the South of France. A blue, white striped dress, this could be the A.B.C. Beckie dress, as in my EDIT. I added some fun straw hats, the Brixton Baite floppy hat, and the gorgeous Fringe hat by designer Eric Javits. I added the Saludos fun striped Espadrilles. So French!

I couldn't resist to add the girlie striped Off-the-Shoulder dress by Forever 21, this is a dress I would wear. It's a Must Have Steal at $35.00, no problem to add the Ettina fringe sandals, Vince Camuto.


sandals, a straw tote, lazy Summer days... my red and white bracelet.

My bracelet, the Delray Red Coral bracelet, is a colorful companion for a casual stroll... very large polished Rock Crystal, white Shell discs and cool Sterling Silver elements.

Delray Red bracelet hat.jpg

Cheer with some sparkly Champagne. Happy Bastille Day!

My EDIT Stroll on a Summer Day

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