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When I travel so many things catch my eye. Different lifestyles, landscapes, textures, local Art, gemstones, all excite my senses. A wider perspective enriches my life.

Creating jewelry is another step in my journey of discovery. Most of the gemstones I use in my jewelry are part of the adventure. I find some in India, others in Thailand, some shells on my Favorite islands.

My jewelry is a declaration of love to some of my favorite spots. A piece can take me back to a place. Wear a piece, create your own favorite memory in a fabulous place.

One of my Favs, the hot desert environment in Palm Springs, or a tropical island, Antigua, St. Barth, or tiny beautiful Nevis. Yet, the colors and magic of India still linger in my heart.


Jasmin B.


Jasmin wears the Oualie blu ear jewelry, by Jasmin blu Jewelry.

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